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Whiplash – War of Terror (a 2016 album release)

Whiplash. Thrash metal. You got it? I love thrash metal. If I have to choose just one genre from all I like, thrash metal it would be. Why? Well, it’s easy. The best help to release your anger and frustration while enjoying great music.

Thrash has its limitations though. The majority of bands basically follow the roadmap set up by the Big 4 (although I’ve never warmed up to Anthrax to anything except the “State of Euphoria” album), and most of those basically rip off Metallica (and Megadeth, to the extent).

Whiplash, hailing from Yogyakarta, is a great example of this. The band only released one album to date, the 2016 “War of Terror” and because I am in a mood for some thrash Indonesia, let’s have a listen, what do you say?

Starting with “Burning My Soul”, that’s Metallica made in Indonesia, only to turn to Dave M. for the inspiration for “Last Rites” (which is actually a great tune!).

Just one moment – if you think that I am complaining here, you can’t be more wrong. Myself, I love these bastard children of the original thrash originators. Whether they come from Latin America, or Indonesia (or, from elsewhere, for that matter), the only thing that matters is that they bring out the material I’d like to hear. If Metallica no longer plays the classic thrash, will I have a problem with Whiplash keeping that spirit alive? Not at all, on the contrary, I welcome it with open arms.

But that’s not just a cheap knock-off, it’s rather a case of being inspired and following the tradition. I also give a hearty thumb up for songs sung in bahasa Indonesia (“Jiwa Liar” and “Politik Gila”, which, incidentally, brings up the memories of “Seek and Destroy”) which give the band the distinctive flavour I really appreciate.

I’ve already written it, but I really enjoy this album. Does it have a weak moments? It does. It would be wrong to claim otherwise. But despite that, I love it. And if you like thrash metal yourself, you will definitely like this album.

It was released by Disembowel Records, so check there.

Check the video for “Jiwa Liar” on Youtube:

Whiplash on FB:


Disembowel Records:

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