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Wasted Land – Wasted Land

Wasted Land brings us to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is a country not to be overlooked in our quest to discover interesting and not-so-known artists from the great continent of Asia. And apart from Ostoraton, we haven’t had the opportunity to talk about Saudi metal, so I think it’s about time we’ll take a look at it.

Wasted Land album cover
Wasted Land debut album cover art

That being said, no one can deny Wasted Land is one of the more known Saudi bands, and as such it certainly deserves to check what these music warriors from Jeddah can offer.

The self-titled debut album from 2013 is their only full-length to date, preceded by the 2006 demo fittingly named „The Beginning“, the 2021 has seen the appearance of their single „Fade Away“, followed by the 2022 single „The Dark Passenger“, which means we can safely say the debut album lies somewhere in the middle of this band’s musical output.

I will readily admit I am biased a bit, knowing a little about the troubled history of Saudi rock and metal. I am mentioning it just in case.

So, what exactly one could expect from Wasted Land? Well, a nice meaty portion of melodic blackened heavy metal, that’s what! The band defines itself as a melodic death metal band, however, I guess my label is a bit more correct. But whatever, the labels are not that important.

Taking inspiration from the great metal artists of the 1980s and 1990s (especially when using some double-guitar melodies, which I guess were inspired by Iron Maiden, and there’s nothing wrong with that) and combining it with the Oriental melodic motives, the guys fronted by Emad Mujalled (also in Deathless Anguish and Grieving Age) present an album I would like even not knowing what they hail from.

While some people might argue about the sound production, I am revelling in the old school spirit of the record, taking me back to my younger days. Yes, it sounds a bit like a demo recording, but considering the year of its release and the possibilities for a Saudi band to record an album in KSA, only an ignorant can complain. Moreover, as I’ve said above, as I’ve used to listen to – and loved – such production back in the day. OK, maybe not everyone’s cup of tea.

Two styles of vokills adds to the overall atmosphere (I personally like the blackish vocals a bit more, but they both complement each other very nicely), the angrier style – imagine something in the hardcore vein, just to give it a vague description – gives the bands a distinct flavour, which, in the vast ocean of bands, is always a plus.

9 songs total, 3 of those are instrumentals (and „Anthem Of Warriors“ is my favourite from those), the other favorite is „Death In War“ – the longest song on the album (clocking at nice 8:27)…which means a lengthy joyful listening!

It goes without saying Saudi bands like Wasted Land deserve your ear, and they certainly went a long way from their underground days to 2024. I am sure we will hear about them more and more – and if not elsewhere, you can count on Indokult to keep the eye on the progress of Saudi metal movement!

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