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Warkvlt – Horde

This furious black metal horde from Bandung has a new album out already, called “Deathymn” (released in 2020), however, I’ve decided to a look at their previous release. That one is the 2018 EP “Horde”, and the main reason is the new line-up of the band.

First thing to like here is the resemblance of band members to another cult band – the Canadian legend Blasphemy. Funny, how a simple outfit can prepare you for an experience even before you’re pressing the Play button.

Anyway, this EP is a great example of one of the best Indonesian black metal music. No pussy-footing around, this is really a devastating attack on your aural sense. I guess you could actually get a speeding ticket for this drumwork!

“Bloodhound” has caught my attention a little more, the vocal here is remind me little more of Attila Csihar of Mayhem fame – and indeed, the Norwegians seem to influence Warkvlt a bit. And these warriors from Bandung get the best of it, that’s for sure.

Those songs are fairly short (the longest one is the closing track “Enigma (Requiem)” clocking in 4:11) and with it the listening experience is over. But only till you press that Play button again.

Personally, I was delighted. These 15 or so minutes were exactly what I’ve needed to recharged my batteries. So, do you want to get acquainted with Indonesian black metal? Do you like your music fast, aggresive, yet still retaining the melody? Then Warkvlt is a great match.

You can check the whole EP here and also snatch a physical copy from various underground outlets.

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