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Sunyi Lantang – Aborsi Gagal

“Aborsi Gagal” by Sunyi Lantang, which I’d guess fit the designation of “release” rather than “album” with its 8:58 length, is a first Indonesian work of its kind here on Indokult, leading us deeper underground, the darkest spaces where only the very brave dare to tread.

We’re talking about the experimental music. Noise, and to be totally precise, harsh noise (or industrial noise).

This release contains two tracks, “Aborsi 1”, clocking in 4:48, and “Aborsi 2” which is a little shorter, with a playing time of 4:10.

For the unitiated, this is unlistenable. For noise enthusiasts, it’s a welcome addition to the family of the noise artists.

Personally, as I like to listen to noise from time to time, I’ve found this release quite interesting, it’s not just a cracking HNW (which stands for the “harsh noise wall”), you can clearly hear the artist hiding behind the name of Sunyi Lantang has gone to the great length to make his noise different.

After getting used to the style in “Aborsi 1”, Sunyi’s going full frontal attack with the “Aborsi 2”, which offers more richness and variability. On the other hand, the first track offers more of the therapeutic enviroment I love in this kind of music. I know it sounds quite silly to think about the noise in such terms, but that’s quite individual and subjective.

For those wishing to get a limited CD-R release, please get in touch with Potongjari Records through their Instagram, and to check the release, visit this artist’s Bandcamp:

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