Slamming about the jihad (Interview with Rantisi)

Rantisi is a new band coming from my favourite part of the world, and even before releasing their promo, they already make some waves! And because my attitude was – and always is – to help to promote less-known, obscure and/or up-and-coming bands, I asked the band to answer a few questions to let us know them better. So, let’s see what Rantisi has to say!

Let’s start from the beginning. How did this band start? Did you guys know each other before to form Rantisi?

Previously, Rantisi was a slamming cover band. The vocalist and the guitarist are actually siblings, the bassist and the drummer, before joining Rantisi, have been in the same band.

Not much information is available about your band, so could you introduce your members to our readers? What part of Indonesia are you from?

Rantisi promo

Yes, we don’t really introduce ourselves in the social media.

Vocalist: Pian

Guitarist : Muhamad Hafiedz al Husein (apid)

Bassist : Irvan

Drumer : Wahyu Agung (bewok)

Rantisi comes from western Indonesia.

What does the band name “Rantisi” mean? Is there a special meaning behind the band’s name?

The name “Rantisi” may not have any meaning, we’ve taken it from the founder of the Palestinian Hamas organization, Abdul Azziz al-Rantisi.

I have to say, the title of your upcoming promo (to be released in October by Vandalism Records) has caught my eye…do you consider Rantisi to be part of the religious metal genre?

For that, thank you very much for liking our promo which will be released later in October [2021]. The genre can be called religious, but we leave it to audience to judge our genre.

Given the turbulent world situation, especially now in Afghanistan, people will definitely see the title “Blood of Jihad”. What can you tell us about the title, what does it mean to you?

Ok, about “Blood of Jihad”… We didn’t talk about Afghanistan, probably 70% people gonna think it’s about terrorism. We just telling about someone’s sacrifice, [those] who sacrificed against the attack by those who wanna take the power [for themselves].

Your promo will be released by Vandalism Records. Can you tell us more about your cooperation with the label? Has this label been your first choice for releasing your material to the world?

There’s not much to say, our co-operation is as usual as with other bands and labels. Vandalism Records is our first choice for releasing our material.

What do you expect from releasing a promo? Have you started working on any other material for, say, possibly a full-length album?

With this release we hope that Rantisi can bring the slamming genre to life worldwide, [but] especially in Indonesia.

And for other materials, we are in the process of making the next release, maybe extended play or full length.

From your Instagram posts I can see you’re active live… can you tell us something about your local scene… interesting bands our readers should check out, interesting local clubs or festivals?

Yes, during this pandemic we only hold virtual live studio shows, we belong to the “Cikampek underground” community and we often exchange ideas for material with death metal groups in Cikampek, namely KHUDETA, and MEGALITICUM.

I’ve seen the t-shirt concept on your Instagram, do you have any merchandise for sale in case anyone is interested in getting one?

We can’t provide stock merchandise yet, especially t-shirts, maybe if someone wants it, we can make it.

Thank you for your time to answer my questions! Any final messages for Indokult readers?

Let the Creator protect us and give us the best. Thank you very much, Indokult. Hail slam gang, bro!

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Rantisi Facebook:

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