Shaming the world: Total Anarchy and “Frustasi Global” (opinion on the album)

Total Anarchy!!! To be honest, sometimes I feel like we should go this way… at least for a day. Just to release our frustration and anger, you know. Although, we probably can guess pretty well how something like that would end.

Anyway, if we can have total anarchy in the world, we can – at least – have Total Anarchy in our players!

For those of you who are not aware of this band, this band hails from Bekasi (which has so many great bands, like black metallers Balakatara, it’s unbelievable!) – although some information says they are from Jakarta, so take your pick, haha. Although they are sometimes labelled as a punk rock, one will very quickly realize your traditional UK punk stuff it is not. Neither it is a pop-punk.

Total Anarchy band

No, my friends, these guys don’t mess around, this is furious avalanche of social criticism and anger being shouted from the top of their lungs in the tunes of thrash metal/crossover.

“Frustasi Global” is Total Anarchy’s second full-length from 2009, but today this stuff is so fresh and so timely. And in about 25 or so minutes they manage to completely clean your brain of all that bullshit the massmedia pour in by the bucketloads.

And what a good material it is! The musical skills of the musicians involved is on a great level, with a solid songwriting full of catchy riffs, great solos and well thought musical ideas. Simply put, if you have ears, there’s nothing you won’t like here, although you better be prepared for this onslaught. For example, listen to “Mental Disturbance” – that’s an absolutely fantastic thrash metal anthem right here. Or “Konstruksi Jaman”, which in a ocassional tune resembles Metallica in their better days (and which is always a big plus!)

This train doesn’t slow down for a second (OK, maybe for a second), I would love to see them playing live, it must be a blast, this stuff is meant to be listened in a moshpit!

“Frustrasi Global” is my first ever meeting with Total Anarchy, but I am pretty sure it won’t be the last, this kind of music is welcome in my headphones, especially with my frustration with this world slowly rising to the emergency levels.

To sum it up – you can’t go wrong with this album.

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Rudolf Schütz

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