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Sandy Melinda – Gacoan

“Gacoan” in my speakers happened simply because once again I’d felt the urge to focus my attention to Indonesian lady rockers of the 1990. Well, they were good looking (and they still have the look!)…and the music was great too! And because I remember the good old 1980s and 1990s well, I am revisiting the music of that era quite often to see what I have missed back then (quite a lot, as we’ve had a very limited possibilities for the modern music, but that’s another story).

Going with the times, many of those ladies of rock changed their music output – some even stopped to sing completely – but there’s one who deserves all the praise from the hard’n’heavy crowd. I don’t expect anybody but Indonesian or Malaysian fans to guess the name, so without any further delay – we’re talking about the one and only Mel Shandy.

Mel Shandy

However, before Mel Shandy has become Mel Shandy, she was known as Sandy Melinda. And today we’re having a look at her debut album, titled „Gacoan“.

I have to admit – it was quite a shock to listen to the sweet pop music of the 1980s performed on this album. Mel is known for rock, hard’n’heavy up to heavy/speed stuff, so – obviously – anything outside that makes for interesting discovery, to say the least.

But luckily, first, I am no stranger when it comes to pop tunes, and second – this album is surprisingly catchy.

Unlike the cringeworthy album cover (really, who did these designs?) the music is pretty cool! From the proper 1980s pop/rock bodymovers (songs like „Kekecewaan“ „Lagi Lagi Gila“, through soft/rock semi-ballads („Lagi Lagi Kamu“) up to the rock anthems with the hints of punk – „Bumi Makin Panas“, for example – which sort of showing the vocal capabilities of then young newcomer on the Indonesian scene, Mel (or Sandy, back then) had quite a luck with the song composers.

I am just guessing, but I think they had to recognize her talent and capabilities, and the album – although following the „rules“…you know, fast songs, slower songs, ballad(s) – really suits her.

„Gacoan“ it’s hard to categorize – I think it will be of interest only to those interested in the popular Indonesian music of the 1980s and – or – to those who want to map out Mel Shandy’s career (well, that’s me).

Be it as it is – you should give it a listen and I will repeat – if you remember that era, you will like the album, even without understanding a word (but to be honest, I haven’t had a slightest clue about lyrics back then neither, so that’s not really a bad thing).

Luckily, the whole album is on Youtube, otherwise it would be quite hard to obtain, I guess:

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