Rudolf’s Indonesian adventures (week 1)

Thursday. It means only one thing – one more working day before the weekend! And with this though on my mind I’ve set out walking my regular route to reach the bus station. Although our family car is all the bus is not, I’ve prefer bus riding due to the fact I can enjoy listening to music undistracted. My car stereo is not working, so that’s that. You can’t always get what you want, sings Mick Jagger and I agree.

In morning, I usually play something musically aggressive and upbeat, and lately I’ve come to love the punk veterans Antiphaty (I love the misspelling here, who would give a damn about it anyway) and their simple, yet absolutely effective anthem “Anti-Punk Fuck Off”. Great song, great video. This indopunk band hails from Malang and if there’s only one punk band from Indonesia to experience, I’d bet my money on them.

Then I’ve got distracted with a new video from Raisa, titled “Tentang Dirimu”, and it’s no surprise I haven’t come across this female singer from Indonesia before, and although the ballad might not be something you would long for before your work shift, I fell in love with this song almost instantly. Great arrangement and she’s got a great voice too!

Oh, not to forget, I’ve discovering trending videos, so to try it, I’d chosen an official video from Yura Yunita, “Mulai Langkahmu”. Anything familiar, you ask? You must have a laugh…of course, I was as clueless as the other guy on the street, but unlike Raisa’s song, this one kickstarts the day like there’s no tomorrow… great party song.

I swear, I play this next song everyday! StarBe are a i-pop (Indonesian pop) girl-band (or girl-group) and their “Time To Fly”, the 3rd single, musically catchy and I am immediately thinking of Skrillex. Don’t ask me why.

Since I’ve done the interview with Ivan Devota, the Indonesian rock guitarist, I’ve started to follow Indonesian Guitar Community on Youtube, and once in a while I’m checking the #solooftheweek videos. Today I’ve enjoyed stuff by Sayap Matsnawi (I was speechless, that one was killer!)

And because why not, I’ve got two more videos from the same range, first #solooftheweek by Hendri Susanto

…and then one by Asgien Novrizal, who I’ve mentioned in my interview with Ivan as well, as both of them play (along with Dendy Benduh) in the project called Sevenstringattack:

But then I’ve started to long for the ages long gone and in such a case there’s a quick fix in the form of one of my favourite Indonesian female rockers, Yosie Lucky. Although she’s not as known as some other rockstars of the 1990, she’s got a distinctive raspy voice. First here later, comeback single “Emen”:

and then my favourite song by her, “Kerinduan” (which is the very first song I’ve heard from her, by the way):

What to listen to on my way back? Easy, it was time to get something more underground, and I’ve chosen to listen to a great album by Twin Force Kill, “Cryteria Human Killer”. What has started in a way of kinda average, went to a full blast a few songs in. Really a good album this one!

And that was almost all for today, but let’s see what tomorrow will bring…because there are sooo many artists to discover. So, let’s discover them, what do you say?

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