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Righting Wrong bring doom to your ears with their new single, “Malapetaka”

When discussing Indonesia’s alternative music scene in the present day, our focus should extend beyond the prominent cities of Jakarta, Bandung, Malang, Yogyakarta, and Surabaya. It’s crucial to shift our attention to secondary cities like Pekalongan, where passionate individuals overcome numerous challenges. Despite these obstacles, they are determined to rival the musical prowess of bands in larger urban centers. An exemplar of this dedication is the band Righting Wrong.

Righting Wrong Malapetaka line-up
Righting Wrong

In their latest line-up (Rezha (vox), Saddam (guitar), Sahrul (bass) and Kemmal (drum)), Righting Wrong vehemently condemns the manipulation of political agendas disguised as democracy, which has sadly devolved into a façade at the expense of the people’s well-being.

As the five-year mark of the democratic era approaches, politicians are already sniffing the air. Their public appearances are nothing but staged theatrics. Every word they utter is a sugary pledge destined to be left unfulfilled. Some may nod along to their deceitful rhetoric, but others choose to tune them out, recognizing the impending downfall of these individuals.

Over time, as their musical prowess matured, Righting Wrong released their debut albums “Muda Berbahaya” in 2014 and “Utopis” in 2020, following a linear progression in their discography.

“Malapetaka” continues in the same vein as their previous works, blending hardcore elements with robust guitar riffs and the rapid tempo of thrash metal. This sonic amalgamation effectively channels their anger and disdain for the lies propagated by self-serving interests hiding behind democratic facades. To them, the routine has grown tiresome and predictable, steeped in irony.

As a response to the blind ambition of those willing to sacrifice their integrity, individuals who navigate life devoid of conscience to amass votes, Righting Wrong’s latest single “Doom” aims to expose the insidious nature of such deceit. The track serves as a preview of what’s to come from Righting Wrong, as they prepare for their eagerly anticipated full-length album while continuing their collaboration with Samstrong Records. “Doom” is also available for streaming across various platforms.

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