Only 1 episode of paranoia (an interview with Paranoid Episodic)

I firmly hold to the belief that we should actively promote bands and artists, no matter how long they are on the scene. Whether you have 10 albums under your belt, or you just put out your 2-song promo, I believe the support artists get from the media and the public contributes to a great extent to their drive.

That being said, Paranoid Episodic is a band with little info about itself being available online, and because I think I haven’t done an interview from the range of extreme underground for a while, it’s time to correct that situation.

Oke, let’s get down to business, ladies and gentlemen! Hello, guys, thanks for your time doing this interview!!! How is Bogor doing these days? What’s the situation about COVID-19 in your area? I hope you are all OK over there…

For now, the city of Bogor is still under treatment from the medical, apparatus, state agencies and others, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 from spreading. Thanks God, we are fine here.

For those who haven’t heard anything about Paranoid Episodic, can you introduce yourselves to the readers of Indokult? Is there any meaning behind the band name?

PARANOID EPISODIC is a mental disorder that sometimes happens when humans feel depressed or have mental disorders under pressure.

Paranoid Episodic band

Am I mistaken or not…I think at some time PxEx was trio,right? What is the current situation about the line-up? Any changes expected?

PxEx has 3 members, now one member left and we are still waiting for a new guitarist to join our band. And indeed, our concept is 3 people.

When did PxEx start and what has influenced you to start playing slamming BDM?

Our band was founded in 2020 and this is indeed our new band… even though our drummer has been in BDM music for a long time, from the 2000s.

So far you have released a single “Gelap Membusuk”…what can you tell us about the song creation and the lyrical theme?

We’ve just released one song, the title is ‘Gelap Membusuk’ and it’s about something dark that will never come back.

I know you’ve appeared on the compilation United Existence vol. 3 (released by Anarchy Equality Merch Records)…can you tell us something about it? How did it happen?

Yes, we are featured in Anarchy Equality Merch Records’ compilation United Existence vol. 3, one of our friends is active there and we were offered to participate in the compilation.

Is there any other physical release Indokult readers can look for to know your music better?

We haven’t released any physical release yet, our recordings are uploaded only on Youtube channel (Paranoid Episodic_official) and IG (@Paranoidepisodic_offiial)

From what I’ve been to gather, this is not your only available material, you’ve presented a few songs more live when playing at the launching party for Travesura Slavery in August 2020. By the way, how do you recall that live gig?

We brought our own song and indeed have prepared 3 songs which will later be recorded, only 1 song [aforementioned] “Gelap Membusuk” was recorded.

Coming from Bogor, with its massive extreme metal scene, might be both advantage and disadvantage. How would you view your position in the local metal scene? And while discussing it…how hard is it for a new band to get some support from the local fans and other bands? Is there a lot of competition?

For us, the metal music is only a hobby and having fun on the stage, for local fans or supporters – they are only friends in the metal music scene itself. A competition, of course, there are many…but we don’t care, because we make music as a hobby.

As for live gigs, Bogor has some famous festivals, right? I know of Rain City Deathfest and Bogor Brutal Fest…for those who know nothing about them, can you introduce those festivals and concerts to our readers? Which one is your favourite?

All the music events in the city of Bogor are very interesting and very favorite. It’s just that in this pandemic season all events have stopped and only a few places are available for gigs. That too is limited.

When it comes to discussing – or introducing – new bands, I am always curious what great unknown artists I might be able to discover. And, of course, I can’t but ask that question here as well – apart from the more known artists from Bogor, which ones – no matter the genre – would you recommend to check? Especially those less known?

Pop band in Bogor – LANA. IG: Lana.musik, this band was formed in 2020.

Coming slowly to the end of this nice short interview, what are the plans for Paranoid Episodic for the rest of the 2021 and beyond? Any new material recorded, any merchandise you can offer your fans?

The other songs still can’t be recorded, but we may re-arrange them with a new guitarist. Merchandise has not been released yet. It’s still a secret hehehe…………………

Thanks again for your time…any final message for our readers?

OK, again, thanks for the interview! ……………..Our message: Stay healthy in this pandemic season, all of you.

Once again, we are Paranoid Episodic, saying a big “Thank you!”.


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