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Nuclear Angels – Gurus of Destruction

Nuclear Angels are the band you owe to yourself to discover in the beautiful and culturally rich country of Kazakhstan.

Based in Almaty and Astana, the band has a connection to another Kazakh heavy/power metal band, Holy Dragons (and we can’t afford to miss this band either, so stay tuned!), previously known as Axcess, where one of the founding fathers of Nuclear Angels, the guitarist Marat Sadvakasov, used to rule over the drums. Well, times are changing, and after the 2019 single „Gurus of Destruction“ Nuclear Angels released their first full-length with the same title in 2021.

How is it? Well, I’ll tell you this – nowadays one usually approaches new (or previously unchecked) bands with the expectations – how similar to other bands I already know they will sound? That’s how it is, there’s only 8 notes and only as many chords you can play.

Luckily, from the opening instrumental „The Far Side“, which won’t really betray what to expect from the rest of the album, the „Gurus of Destruction“ offers a solid, powerful material.

With the beginning of the „Nicodemus“, we are introduced to the vocals of Johnnie Gazz (the second founder of the band), now and then resembling Bruce D. now and then (but this is not a cheap copy, rest assured) and from now on, it’s a ride, folks! Really, even when nowadays I prefer to stay indoors, I immediately think of driving the car blasting this kind of music from the speakers, so even neighbours can listen to some good heavy metal.

„King of the Gods“ continues in this trend, and in the slower passages the vocal resemblance to Bruce Dickinson is even stronger. Not that I would complain. But again, if you think this would be a Kazakh copy of Iron Maiden, you are wrong…

The good thing here – and worth of mentioning it – the songs are quite long (if I don’t count the 2:34 long instrumental intro, the shortest regular track is 4:05), so that means – there is enough time to enjoy the music! And it applies to „Victims of the Unknown“, the well placed rock ballad. I am a bit surprised, because the music gets – understandably – a little softer, but what a track it is!

It’s like the guys have decided to go on with the hard’n’heavy a bit more, as „Bondage“, although a bit faster and heavier than previously mentioned „Victims…“ continues to carry the rock vibe creating the lasting experience…

…only to get the blood pumped vigorously with the first tunes of „Nukes & Angels“. I’ll be disgressing a bit, but here’s the bassline (you know I love basslines, don’t you) and the guitar work works so perfectly, along with the multiplied vocals…this track is definitely one of my faves here, no doubt about that. And that transition from the slow, accoustic tune to the full-blown metal storm? I am tempted, really tempted, to turn the volume knob full right…well, not today, but it will definitely happen.

The album got its name from the song „Gurus of Destruction“. That’s the next one, just so you know. The groovy riffs and the heavy bass, paired with somewhat Faith No More-sque drumming at times, reminding me a bit of Mötley Crüe in their heyday, which basically means this – you have no reason to skip this song.

Nuclear Angels live 2017

I think guys know exactly how the older rocker can feel – so the songs full of energy are followed with slower tunes, just so we can catch our breaths, lol. But that’s exactly the case here, „Gurus of Destruction“ end, „Holy Man“ stands in its way. Well, that’s when you need to be close to your partner, tell you this…

Rock’n’roll, baby! Have I woke you up? Sorry, that was not me, but „Vegas Fantasy“. That’s blues-based, old school R’n’R, with the lots of vocal highs, sharp-as-a-chainsaw guitar riffs – what else to add? Nothing.

How to close such a nice album? What about „Love for Money“? No more surprises here, the song plays it safe, and I am a bit undecided – I think it could be skipped. Not that it’s bad or something, but it brings the album to unnecessary length. However, that’s just my opinion.

Although you can tell that the album goes in two main directions (hard’n’heavy/heavy metal and hard rock) both of these are solid. It will be interesting to see which way the band actually go on their next release, but with this debut album Nuclear Angels surely have laid a strong foundation to build upon.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nuclearangels/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4JTBSmWo4cMXsCLxXFW5h4

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