Interview with David (Enmity)

I’ve been chatting with David for a while now and I’ve already decided to ask him a question or two, however, with the little promo of their upcoming album he’s sent me, I’m quite stoked to know more about this international band of his, called simply Enmity.

So, never one to hesitate for too long…let’s see what’s Enmity about. Ready? Let’s go!

Hey, David, thanks for your time doing this interview! How is life in Bali these days?

You are much than welcome. Life here is good, really enjoy it.

Well, your background in music is more than interesting, but let’s start with the most important topic. Enmity – where, when and how has the idea to get together this band come about? Was there any important milestone you can point at and say: “That’s when it all started!”?

We have started the band at the end of 2019, at the beginning it was just a small project, at this time it was only me and Steve the singer who was also playing drums. Then Mohammed (bass) has joined us in March 2020, with Mohammed I have a lot of common points and we really start to work together for the arrangement in the music, we are a real team, it took a few months to know each other then it was the perfect team for the writing and arrangement process. I can say all really started one year ago.

Why “Enmity”? We will probably agree that although it’s a great for a thrash/death metal band (no doubt about it), it has quite a significant sentiment in itself…is there anything specific you feel “enmity” against?

The meaning of the word enmity is: State or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something. we are definitely opposed to war and some political regime. Name of the band is a big meaning for us, it’s a part of our feeling and sentiment

Our lyrics are not fiction, but from real stories, I love historie and if we can learn something to the listeners I will be happy. Our lyrics could be like a history book about what happen in some part of the world

You’ve already mentioned you’d started as a duo with Steeve Petit, then Mohammed had joined…How did you find additional musicians? I don’t think you’ve put up adverts in music magazines 🙂 was it by word of mouth or by recommendations?

I know George Kollias since 18 years, back in the day I was full time sound live engineer for Nile, I have stayed 6 years,with the band touring all over the world, we became good friend, and when I left the band for personal reason we always stay in touch, same with Karl Sanders from Nile, we know each other since 22 years and we are very good friend. All came Naturally and I cannot thank enough Karl and George for their amazing work. For the others it s the same, I know them since many years by touring together. About Micheal our new lead guitarist he was introduced to us by the guy who built my guitars.

How did you actually start your journey in metal and extreme music in general? What albums/bands would you cite as your “entries” to the amazing world of underground extreme music?

It’s a good question, I have started my first band when I was 16y old, I am 47years old today, that means I started to play music 31 years ago.

I have started my metal journey with Powerslave from Iron Maiden, then I felt in the thrash metal style with band like Slayer, Kreator, Coroner, Forbidden, …. then Death Metal bands like Obituary, Bolt Thrower, Gorefest, Pestilence, Vader and so many band. I am from the first Death Metal wave generation.

So, you are still basically a youngster 🙂

Hahaha, always in my mind!

Yeah, I definitely can relate…you are a guitar player, is there any particular guitarist or album which has inspired you to pick up the axe and start playing?

Dave Murray and Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden are the one who inspired me a lot to start to learn guitar

No wonder…now, from the guitar player to the sound engineer, how did that happen?

Back in the day it was very expensive to go in studio to record a few songs, and most of the sound engineers did not know anything how to record and mix metal music, so I bought a tascam 4 tracks at this time and started to record the demos of my own band. Then I can say all the other local bands asked me to record them and be their FOH guy during their shows. Then shows organizers asked me to take care of their PA system and be the soundguy for the shows they organized, all came step by step, then I started to be full time sound live engineers for the cult French band Mercyless, then I started to work with Cryotopsy from Canada and we tour together with Nile in Europe in 1999, then Nile asked me to join then in 2000, and they keep me busy for 6 amazing years.

Now that’s an impressive background, I’d say! I remember Mercyless only very dimly, but Cryptopsy and Nile are a different thing altogether! It’s great to see Karl and George from Nile helping you with your current work too!

You know, I spent 6 years with these guys touring all over the world, 7 days a week, 24h a days, we were like married, some days we love each other, some day we hate each other, but become very good friend

Do you plan to get additional guests in your future projects too?

Yes but it s a surprise, a good surprise i think!😉

Well, you’ve got me hooked up!!!! Now, as we mentioned earlier, you live in Bali, Indonesia…are you familiar with your local underground scene there?

I try yes, most of the people still have here the Underground mentality we had in Europe 20y ago, Everybody support and help each other by passion, now in Europe, most of time you have to pay to get reviewed or to have an interview, and this is ridiculous, here people are still true

Lot of good labels here, very involved in the underground, and a lot of good bands too

From my experience I totally agree!!!! Yes, the commercialization of the underground scene is really a lamentable thing. I don’t know what’s the current situation with live gigs in Bali, are you attending any interesting gigs?

Right now due the covid, no more shows, for for sure when shows will be back, I will go

Well, that sucks 🙁 but I hope it will get better soon)…now, let’s get back to the upcoming album. What can you tell us about it?

It’s 7 songs of pure Old School Thrash Death Metal but version 2.0 cause we are not anymore in the 90’s, off course our main influences are from the 90’s but we use now the new technology for recording, and of course we grownd up and are more open mind, we stay heavy and brutal but in the meantime, we want something catchy and groovy. The album will be available in CD via Vandalism record, and in Cassette by Tikoes Kecemploeg prod. A third label should join soon for the vinyl version.

By the way, those labels mentioned, these are Indonesian labels. Does it mean you aim more at the Asian market as your main coverage area, rather than Europe?

We are looking for collaboration with a lot of small and underground labels cause they really work with passion, right now we work with labels from south Asia but we are open to collaborate with any labels around the world.

Another important part of the underground scene are the publications, be them small amateur fanzines, or slick, professionally produced magazines, and, of course, websites like Indokult (although I am always somewhat hesitant to mention my own site, but whatever). Do you still follow the underground press, be it international or local, as we used to in the 90s?

since a long time I follow the underground publication, I am not into professional magazine, in the professional one, we always see the same bands, like Cannibal Corpse or Decide for example, they are here since the 3 last decades and will be there for sure for the next decade, these bands are over promoted, everyone knows them, but there are so many unknown good bands, I can talk about Morta Skuld for example, 30 years of good music and just a few people know them. I am always interested in international underground press and bands.

And thank to Indokult for all your publications, and not only about metal, but for all the artist who deserve to be promoted

Yes, I definitely agree here. As we are nearing toward the end of this nice conversation – remember when bands have different merchandise for sale? T-shirts, patches, posters, stickers…? Anything of this sort for Enmity?

Lol, patches, this is very old school, now I remember my Slayer patch when I was at school. We will have some t-shirts for sure and stickers.

Patches definitely rule! I always wanted to have a lot of them, but alas…when I was very young, they were very expensive…but I am still getting some 🙂 just to fulfill my childhood dream 🙂
And for the near future…what plans do you have for the band?

At first release our first album, should be ready for March or April 2022, we take our time for the recording cause we want something perfect. Then will follow an EP with 2 titles at the end of the summer 2022, songs are already done, few good guests will be on this EP but it will be a surprise. By the way we already started to write songs for the second album, we are very productive, and in the meantime if we have the opportunity to tour, we will.

Excellent!!! All the best to you and the band, David…any final message to the readers of this nice little interview?

At first thank you for this interview, I really enjoyed to do it. Thank to all the people who follow and support the underground all over the world, feel free to contact us, we will answer to everyone, be curious to discover Enmity, be yourself, and do what make you happy.

You know what song I have in my mind right now after reading your last answer? 🙂

Indonesian artist? If yes, yes I know.

Nope. Britney Spears and “Born to make you happy” 😀 haha

Lol! Ah, OK.

Anyway, many many thanks for your time doing this interview, David, it’s really appreciated! I wish you all the best in your music with Enmity and also in your personal life!!! Stay safe, stay healthy, stay creative and productive!!!!






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