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Necrosin – Necrosin EP

After a bit of a break, necessary considering the move across the continent back home, it’s time to catch up with the music I’ve – unfortunately – neglected a bit.

I’m not going into details about all the unseen consequences and some unpleasant surprises, because that’s just life, right? What is important, though, that we’re still have a lot of to talk about and I’m gonna prove it right now!

Today we’re going to visit – although only through the sounds of the musical instruments – the distant land of Kingdom of Bahrain, as a full year has passed since Necrosin, the death/thrashers from Bahrain, had released their self-titled EP. And since I am definitely in need of something soul-uplifting…well, long story short, anything thrash-related will be welcome.

Yes, believe it or not, although Bahrain can’t boast of a big metal scene, the spirit is definitely here and it’s strong – as witnessed by this material also.

So, what to say about this stuff? 6 tracks in something over 24 minutes, with a great sound production and the songwriting you’re gonna love. Because guys know how to play, they know how to create great melodies, riffs and solos, therefore there’s not a boring second here. And that’s quite important, as the competition is strong.

And considering it’s all done by two Bahraini metalheads – Mahmood on drums/vocals and Möhämmëd on vocals and guitar, the end result is more than pleasing to one’s ears. If you have never experienced metal coming from the Arabian Peninsula….you are in for a surprise (and not only because of Necrosin…trust me!)

Favourite song? „Enslaved“. Definitely this one, although the choice is quite a hard one, as the whole EP is basically on the same quality level. But „Enslaved“ has also that blackened vibe to it, which, I am sure many would agree, makes it simply outstanding.

Now, the good thing is, you can listen to the whole EP on Youtube (and through the other services), so there’s not much of a point to describe it for you. The only thing I can say, this is less than 25 minutes well spent.

But it won’t hurt to support these guys by give them some love.

Bandcamp: https://necrosin.bandcamp.com/album/necrosin

Rudolf Schütz

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