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Single “Metamorphosis” Brings Bless The Knights to Nomination at AMI Awards

Jakarta – The single “Metamorphosis” has successfully brought Tangerang-based djent metal unit Bless The Knights to be nominated at the highest awarding event for musicians in the country, Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI Awards) 2023 for the Best Metal Solo/Group/Collaboration Artist category.

Through his statement, Fritz Faraday, guitarist and main motor of Bless The Knights, is grateful that the work of the band he has led since 2015 has again received appreciation from the jury at the AMI Awards.

“Firstly, I want to thank God and all parties involved. I’m really happy because this is a proof that Bless the Knights is still recognised as a djent icon and pioneer,” said Fritz Faraday.

“It’s also proof that I can make good songs, as well as ‘sadistic’, which is what people have doubted all this time. I’m really happy. Satisfied and proud too. Praise God!” he said.

Although this is not the first time Bless The Knights has been nominated for the AMI Awards, this achievement is the most memorable for Fritz.

The reason is, the song “Metamorphosis”, which was released on 26 May 2023, is the opening of a new era for Bless The Knights’ journey in the music world after a long vacuum, both in terms of musicality and personnel.

The formation of Cas Coldfire (clean vocals), Gilang Rammadhan (scream vocals) and complemented by Naufal who sits behind the drums, is considered the best form of Bless The Knights by Fritz.

“For me, this is the third time Bless The Knights has been nominated for the AMI Awards, I hope this time they can win, not just as a decoration for the nomination line-up,” said Fritz Faraday.

The single “Metamorphosis” itself is one of the most successful songs from Bless the Knights, achieving more than 55,000 plays on Spotify in a short time and continues to grow to this day.

The song also made it onto Spotify’s featured playlists such as Cadas Bergema and 7 other international playlists, including Superhero Routine, New Metalcore, Heavy Guitars, Djentington and others.

On international playlists, Bless The Knights’ single “Metamorphosis” sits alongside the latest music by big names in the world of djent such as Periphery, Monuments, Veil of Maya and others.

In addition, the song also went viral and was featured in more than 50 music media, both web-based, Instagram and TikTok.

The music video for Bless The Knights’ single “Metamorphosis”, which carries the cyber punk theme, was equally successful. The music video, produced in collaboration with Pelatar and Paling Berisik, has been viewed more than 12,000 times on YouTube.



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