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Mantahungal – The Festering Decadence And Misery

Mantahungal and their “The Festering Decadence And Misery”…what’s not to love about a title such as this one. I’ve come to know Mantahungal through my activity on Instagram and tell you what – it’s a real blessing. Wondering why? Well, I won’t keep it a secret.

Mantahungal hails from Indonesia and plays raw black metal. Sure, I am not a biggest fan of this subgenre, however, listening to this debut demo EP, it’s not really a classic raw black metal. Yes, these guys can actually play.

The demo EP contains 4 hymns of blackened despair and hopelessness, but presented in a coat of the musical ability. The music is quite simplistic, but the combination of a plethora of guitar riffs and a recognizable bass (which, as you should know by now, is my fave instrument in metal) is just outstanding. Add to the mix a typically muddled drums and great vocals (probably recorded in some local cave) and you can save your dollars for a great stuff!

While opening “Latunga” can be considered a warm-up (but a very good one, not to mention it being a longest track on this release), “Molukari”, the song number 2 is a proper black metal worship, melodic yet aggressive. Exactly what a doctor would prescribe for a lost soul.

And truly, “Balloh Ic Bati” continues this great feeling. You know, when you create something good, your only concern should be not to f*ck things up. Fortunately, Mantahungal know about that and they don’t go off tangents. Nope, they keep the course firmly and let you, the listener enjoy the black metal the way they like it in Indonesia.

Last song here is titled “Martiahu Naden Lo Joh”, and as usual, I have no idea what that means. But that guitar riff is sick, not to mention the bass intermezzo in about 1:30. Yeah, honestly, I can’t find a fault here, this demo has clicked with me like not many releases lately. Or, maybe, the stars are in a good alignment…I don’t know.

What I do know though, is the fact you owe to yourself to check this material. And, of course, thank me later for helping you to discover another great Indonesian band.

You’re welcome!

Mantahungal Bandcamp:

Mantahungal Instagram:

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