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Loose Chain – Demo 2021

Loose Chain is a hardcore/punk band from Indonesia and true to the hardcore standards, their 2-song demo is not even 4 minutes long.

Who cares!

Straight away, with “Punished”, the opening song, we’re thrown into the so familiar a sound – and I can assure you, if you have ever liked HC, you’re gonna love Loose Chain in the instant. No doubts here. Full of raw energy, the anger and frustration is pouring from the headphones by every note and every syllable, it’s like meeting an old friend.

Loose Chain

“Harding”, the second and last song of this demo, only confirms the above. Little more melodic (which I don’t complain about), nevertheless, not less urgent.

In my book, that equals great material. I’m following the guys on social media, and if you like honest music about real life, you should too. Loose Chain confirms without a slightest hesitation that hardcore and punk are alive and well in Indonesia. Another quality material from a band which deserves to be known more.

I hope their announced EP will be released soon.



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