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Kemenyan – Energi Dari Neraka

The Energy from Hell. The title of the debut album from Makassar black metal commando, Kemenyan, doesn’t lie. Am I late with this one… yes, I am. But as I always say – better later than never, right? No, there’s no excuse from my part for criminally neglecting this great album. And yes, I call it great.

Although I prefer atmospheric black metal, I am definitely not against the blasting fury of the hell unleashed, as presented by Kemenyan. Because from the very beginning to the end of this release this is exactly what you’re gonna get if you decide to give it a listen.

The album contains 8 songs and although they all share the word „Neraka“ (Hell) in their titles, they – luckily for us – offer enough variability not to be bored by the end of the second track.

And with the „Neraka Abad 21“ we even get some really melodic black, something I need to mention, because – not surprisingly – it’s my favourite track! Check also the titular „Energi dari Neraka“ to enjoy a nice crossover between Mayhem-esque black metal aural inferno with a nod to Dead’s vocals (I can hear it there, yes!) and a bit or Iron Maiden riff works in the beginning.

The only thing I am a little hesitant to point out, but I guess it needs to be said. If you check the info about the line-up, you’ll find out the drummer is hidden under the pseudonym „Norwegian Woods“. OK, there’s nothing wrong to pay the homage to the birthplace of the second wave of black metal (we’ve all seen Mexican bands singing about Vikings and Scandinavian fullmoons), but I think Indonesian black metal stands on its own already, no need to go for cheap gimmick like that.

Especially, when Kemenyan delivers what they promise.

Enough said, fans of black metal, especially of the well-played, fast variety…OK, they probably already know that album. Everyone else, check this band, Kemenyan, out. You’re not gonna be disappointed.

Rudolf Schütz

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