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Fahri released his debut EP, “Lately, I’m Lonely”

After the success of his first two singles ‘What a Good Time in Semarang’ and ‘I Will Love You in Every Universe’, FAHRI will now complete his debut series with an EP Album entitled ‘Lately, I’m Lonely’. This EP Album is the debut album from FAHRI in the Indonesian music industry. FAHRI presents ‘Lately, I’m Lonely’ as a preservation of memories of good times from 2017 to 2021. This album will tell the story of the ups and downs of Indonesian teenagers in the phase of self-discovery decorated with beautiful memories with friends and partners.

‘Lately, I’m Lonely’ have 5 songs entitled ‘I Will Love You in Every Universe’; ‘What if I Told You?’; ‘Lately, I’m Lonely’; ‘What a Good Time in Semarang’; and ‘Way Back Home’ all written by FAHRI. These 5 songs are a reflection of someone who wants to continue their life after the ups and downs of college. FAHRI hopes that with this album, all listeners can slightly remember the beautiful memories of adolescence. Recalling friends in arms, partners who give the bitter sweetness of romance and make us someone who is braver today.

Izkar Lazuardi and Raden Ichsani remained as the main producers of the ‘Lately, I’m Lonely’ EP Album project. The challenge was how to tell these stories well with music that is easy to enjoy and nostalgic. FAHRI is very satisfied with the final result of this song, the touch of the producers on this song is very magical.

pineclub at garage entertainment and FAHRI hope that the EP Album ‘Lately, I’m Lonely’ can be an album that is pleasing to the public. FAHRI hopes that this album can visualise the emotions felt. To complete it, then through this e-mail, let us share a PRESS KIT which contains the EP Album ‘Lately, I’m Lonely’ Press Release.

The song and lyrics music video album were released on 8 September 2023 on streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc.), We hope that promotional materials will not be distributed before the set release date.



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