Fachrul Tajrohim debuts with “Perasaan”

Fachrul Tajrohim – commonly known as Crull – finally made his debut as a soloist by releasing his first single entitled ‘Feeling’ in early 2022. The music production on this single was handled by young Bandung producer, Reza Aden.

“Perasaan”, a song that tells the story of someone struggling to maintain an already fragile relationship regardless of the risks. But he realized that the relationship could not just be let go and getting the relationship back is a beautiful path for both of them.

Fachrul made the song ‘Feeling’ a mainstay to enter the Indonesian music industry. Overall, this song is packed with Indonesian lyrics wrapped with the flow of the pop genre which is expected to be easily accepted by all circles. You can now listen to ‘feelings’ on all your favorite digital music platforms.

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