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The 4 scarily bloodied figures: Detritivor and “Scattered Remnants” (review)

All hail Brutal Mind for of this release! Yogyakarta brutalizers Detritivor have arrived with their first full-length album in February 2021. And believe me, once you’ve heard the intro you’d know you’re in for a ride. Although, to be honest, the cover itself should give you a hint. And if not the cover, then what about the song titles? Slicing Victim, Dead in Cruelty, Bleed and Butchered…Nope, funkot it really ain’t.

Detritivor plays death metal and the influence of Florida in undeniable, with subtle nods to thrash metal as well (listen, for example, to the opening “Morbid Sanity” which in some passages salutes Slayer’s “Ghosts of War”).

Detritivor (band picture)

It would be wrong, though, to dismiss the efforts of these Indonesian metallers as an empty plagiarism. In the end of the day, to quote one Slovak musician – there are only 8 notes in an octave, so obviously, sometimes you’ll find similar tunes. No big deal, because Detritivor’s furious music is more than capable to carry you through hell and back for the whole of the playing time. By the way, 30:48 of playtime is great timing. It’s not too long for being boring, neither too short for giving the listeners a feeling of not getting value for their money and time. Personally, I find the length of the album perfect.

In Pambudi Agung Wibowo Detritivor also has a great asset, he sounds like he means business!! No, kidding aside, his contribution to the overall experience of listening to this album can’t be emphasized enough.

To be honest, we might have gone through pandemic, but if the rest of 2021 is as good as the albums I’ve heard so far (check, for example, my review of Vox Mortis debut here), I am more than sure of the old saying “that what won’t kill us only makes us stronger”. In case of this album (and others), it’s 100% true.

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