Bombastic! Fantastic! Dangdut! (Rudolf’s adventures, week 4)

Bombastic it was indeed! Well, obviously, it all depends on one’s point of view, but all said and done, I don’t think I can complain a lot. Of course, during the week I am pretty busy with my day job and my family, but when the weekend comes… A totally different matter. But I am sure majority of readers know this only so well.

Dangdut reigns over them all – on Monday

I’ve been watching 3 Cewek Petualang (review here), the horror movie from the prolific director Nayato Fio Nuala since last Sunday – when you’re busy, you have turn the movie into a TV series, haha – and who’s starring in it? The late dangdut singer Julia Perez. So, obviously, as I am curious, I had to find out something about her singing. And here’s her full album, “Kamasutra”:

Do I share the sentiment of Rey Mbayang’s “Sempurnakan Hariku” video? Oh, yeah, once you’ve been through it, you will remember it forever. It’s a nice, sentimental video and if you are a parent, you’ll know:

As dangdut has many faces, it’s really hard to judge how faithful rendering of the genre Yeni Inka provided with her song “Pacobaning Urip”, but the video is nice (it’s shot live, I think), and the song is exactly how I imagine a dandut song would be. She has a nice voice too!

The same stage, the same band, a different singer. Difarina Indra and her dangdut song “Kecewa”. Dangdut it’s definitely not the genre I would be a hardcore fan of, but the more I listen to it, the more I seem to like it. How good is she?

And then, by a sheer chance, I’ve discovered a pop dangdut, in the form of Cita Citata’s “Meriang”. Oh my, this has 1990s eurodancefloor written all over! So, do you think I like it? Nope, I love it! And by the way, she – and couple of other artists mentioned here – comes from the Sani Music Indonesia label. Just so you know where to look for it.

…and just because, there was also one more song by her:

“Kanan Kiri Puter Puter Jari” from Veni Nur is another pop dangdut with catchy chorus and happy vibe sound, and although it’s not as cheerful as Cita Citata’s songs above, I kinda like it (otherwise, would I include it here?):

Uli Ali’s “Pergi Saja” reminds me of the aforementioned Rey Mbayang track – again, the slow, emotional ballad, well, break ups are never happy, I guess…

My Monday exploration was finished with another dangdut singer, Nissa Dewi (again, the artist from Sani Entertainment) and although I think she has to work a little more on her vocals, I like the preformance – a girl with the guitar (and a few more on other instruments) are always a welcome sight. Say no more:

Rocking the Tuesday

Tuesday, folks, was a totally different matter! Starting the Indonesian music “seancé“ with punks from Bajingan Tengik, their accoustic number “Jadilah Juara” is one hell of a happy tune I am so glad I’ve discovered. To be honest, I’m playing it quite frequently now!

Billy Not Bill is one of the myriads of Indonesian bands waiting to be discovered and to be put under the spotlight, and it’s hard to find much material from them online, but this video (although with a bad sound in some sequences) should suffice to showcase the great vocalist and songwriting:

Who likes ska? I know you are reading this, ska fans, so here’s a treat for you – El Magnifico!

Ombak and their song “Ombak”… at first, I was like “well, ok, but…” but after a few repeated listenings the song’s grown on me. Happy indie/alternative, with an infectious bass groove!

“Penjilat” by Pandemic Rage was the exact opposite, the very second the songs started I’ve known I would like it. It’s not the best rap metal I’ve heard, that’s for sure, but you can’t deny them the feel and the effort. And the bassist rules!

But Pestolaer definitely wins, hands down, the prize for the “OMG WTF” video for their song “Foxy Lady”! This is pretty bizarre, weird rock laced with some acid, but hey, you have to see it, it’s pretty catchy and I am sure you’ll agree with me on that:

And then it’s got angry. Shout Keepers are a hardcore band, so you can imagine there are no flowers in the air and happy clappy tunes. Nope, this is pure anger, and pure energy flowing. “Blood Stage” also boasts of a nice comics-like video, and that’s a plus to an already good song:

I would recommend Sign Shine Rock to all fans of indie/alternative rock. Their song “Jati Diri” is simply great and has also a nicely shot minimalistic video:

Oi, Oi, Oi! OK, The Riot Cub is not an Oi! band, but we’re getting a nice punk sing-a-long punk as f*ck here with their set from Sine Studio:

Wednesday was a riot

“Bertemu” is a song by the pop-punk rockers Saturday Night Karaoke and it’s pretty funny. Judge for yourselves:

And the punk vibe ruled the whole evening. Buckskin Bugle? Yes, “Kesempatan”:

Nudist Island, luckily, haven’t played naked when playing live in “After School Rock volume 3”, and the sound is not that bad either:

These few days last week were pretty busy, so my journey to the depths of Indonesian music on Wednesday has been quite quick, ending with Sendal Jepit and their “Duck’s Song”:

Thurdsay on repeat

Yep, last week’s end was fully in the sign of work-sleep pattern and not much fun. And to enjoy it a little more, I’ve been listening to the already mentioned stuff from 3 Pemuda Berbahaya, Antiphaty, Rich Brian, Inka Christie & Nike Ardilla and others. Nothing new, but all solid anthems to boot.

It’s all good on Friday

You would not guess the tunes I’ve started Friday, but because I am a good one, I will let you know. Barzakh. It’s the black metal in the vein of old Burzum and if you like this one:

Then you’ll like this one as well:

Going through my notes, I’ve realized I’d wanted to lend my ear to Total Anarchy. I did exactly that and listened to their album “Frustrasi Global”. And not only that, but I’ve written a review of it too!

Punk’s not dead! And this old statement is proved again with The Dissland and their song “2000 Cerita”:

You can safely say I haven’t listened to much extreme music these past few days…but I did! What does Xenocity play? Well, they play brutal death metal, and this is their song “Ekstraterestrial Endoparasitoid”:

No wonder I’ve quickly got into a mood, so Jakarta death metallers Instruction Killer and their 2019 promo seemed like a good idea:

Saturday, Metal Saturday

This is almost true statement, although I have managed to go through a few non-metal acts as well. Starting with the death metallers Mephitic Blood


Thanks, Youtube, for a recommendation! Pamatih is not the band I would know otherwise:

It’s all quiet on Sunday – or is it?

Grindcore is one of the genres I haven’t listened in ages. So it was about time to change it and Bersimbah Darah and their 2011 album “Land of Terror” fits here as a hand into a glove, a fantastic material:

Unbelievable it might be, but I’ve indeed done an incredible U-turn with Syndrome Noise and their grunge “Semesta Menangis”:

Speed Zero Meter can’t deny their inspiration by Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” for their “Sampah Plastik Dari Istana” video…what do you say?

From grunge back to the pop-punk with Hands and Voices and their song “Pergilah”:

…only to get back to the grindcore made in Indonesia, Extreme Hate:

But the end of the day has belonged to the Indonesian black metal, personified by none other than Lord Morgan and their album “Badai Semusim”…and the review of the original release is here:

And that was all for the last week, folks! I am pretty sure you’ll find some good stuff and believe it when I say – we are not finished! Not for a long time!

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