Before the collapse (an interview with Descollapse)

Descollapse is a young melodic metalcore band from Cimahi, West Jawa and not only they bring out some great music, but they are a big followers of Indokult. So, obviously, I am partial to support those who support this modest effort and because I haven’t deal with metalcore genre in some time, it’s time to amend this situation. Therefore, I’ve decided to do an interview with these young Indonesians. The result is here for your reading pleasure. Here we go!

Hey, guys, thanks for your time doing this interview! I hope you are all OK over there…so, let’s start! And obviously, first and inevitable things come first…can you introduce Descollapse to the readers of Indokult? What’s the what’s the current line-up and why have you gone from 5 members to 4?

Descollapse is a metalcore band from Cimahi, West Java, Indonesia, formed in mid-2019. Current line-up is Akbar (vocals), Rahmat (guitar), Widi (bass) and Alfin (drums). Due to the busy schedule one member from the previous line-up has had to step down, and we still don’t want to replace him.

How did you guys know each other before forming the band? And what has influenced you to start the band in the first place?

The guitarist and vocalist met in a special Facebook group dedicated to find band members. After that – even when we haven’t got a drummer and bassist either – we took the initiative to make our first song entitled “Consistency”. After that we’ve found a drummer and bassist in people assisting us with this song.
Our influence? If you look at the Indonesian bands, we have an influence comes from the band Death with Falera. From abroad, there are maybe too many… if I have to mention a few, we were inspired by the bands Whitechapel, Architects, Northlane, Polaris, Issues, maybe the old BMTH and much more.

You’re from Bandung area (Cimahi, Jawa Barat), which is quite famous for being a stronghold for brutal death metal genre in Indonesia. However, you’re chosen genre is metalcore, and to be more specific, melodic metalcore. Why this choice? What bands and/or albums had their impact on your while developing your sound and songwriting?

Why metalcore? Because we really like this genre. Maybe we can choose deathcore, but our skills are not enough to get there, maybe. Yes, because of metalcore, we also know the underground scene and maybe our ears are more familiar with metalcore.
Bands and albums that inspire us? We don’t really focus on albums, we focus more on a band’s song. I can mention here Architects – Holy Hell, Polaris – The Remedy, Dusk To Day, Masochist, Hypermania, Northlane – Disposession, Whitechapel – The Saw Is the Law, Our Endless War, This Is Exile, I Dementia and many more, too many to mention.

Your first single was released in June 2019, under the title “Consistency”, followed the month after by the second single, “Citizen”. By the style of your videos I would say that pretty critical of social issues in your lyrics, so, obviously, the question is – what do you want to convey by your lyrics? Is it just to release the anger in yourselves?

Maybe I should explain the meaning of the two songs personally. For the “Consistency”, I actually have reached a sense of saturation in my musical career, but I have to finish what i started, although with many doubts in my brain, lots of ridicule from around… but I have to stick with what I started. Yes, maybe it doesn’t matter how hard I try, there is no guarantee that I will succeed, but if I gave up, what I was fighting for would be lost right then and there.
Why is it called “Consistency”? Because this song is the beginning of our walk, and if we are in doubt or tired now or later, we must remember what we started. It’s the consistency.
The second [single] is “Citizen”. The lyricist who is the [also] a vocalist, has seen that in the current situation some people are willing to do anything, [even to] commit any crime just to survive, and I personally have to do that too, there is no other choice, or I will lose. The message to be conveyed is, can we stop this?
That’s the lyrics we want to convey maybe specifically on those 2 songs.

If we want to let go of anger, we don’t really, even though we have songs like that.

So far, if I am not mistaken, you’ve released 5 singles, the latest being “Cañón“ from July 2021…why the Spanish song title? Is there any specific meaning behind the title and the song itself?

Why is the title Spanish? Actually there is no reason for this, we just give the title to make it easy to mention and read.
Why Spanish… yes because the meaning and pronunciation in english and spanish for “canyon” is not too far away. In English it is called “canyon”, in Spanish it is called “cañón”. And I also saw a lot of bands using titles in other countries’ languages.

Descollapse and playing live…I’ve found a poster from Horror Party back in September 2019 the band is mentioned on…can you recall that particular concert and tell us more about it? Any more live performances?

As far as I know, the Horror Party was held by a well-known vocalist, Kinoy from the band Undergod, and we’ve been included there.
What’s special about the show is that we didn’t know that it was a selection to appear in the actual horror party and there was a jury, Andre from the band Jeruji, and the manager of the band Jasad (sorry, I don’t know his name).
It’s good that both of us received a very good response, but maybe because we are still inexperienced and have to find more experience to appear in big events, it seems like that.
but thankfully our song got a very good response and we’ve been told to send it to the Extreme Moshpit.
For other events, we have reached an agreement in several other cities and are just waiting for the play date, but damn, this COVID cancels everything until now.

And let’s talk about gigs a bit more… Back in the day, before COVID pandemics, there were many concerts in Indonesia, I am seeing posters and flyers for gigs… is there any signs of the situation getting back to normal?

Well, we all want things to get back to normal again. We all always pray for it.

What can you tell us about any new material from Descollapse? When can we expect to hear some new songs from you, guys? And not only new songs…I think every band looks forward to the day their album is released…any plans for that?

We are working on it, believe me, [however] we can’t explain it in detail and sorry for making you wait a long time, because we want everything to be perfect. [It’s gonna be] soon, just wait!

As mentioned previously, you are from Cimahi. I am aware of a few bands from your area, the most famous would probably be XTAB…for those interested in your local scene (I know I am!), what local bands would you recommend for our readers to check?

Well, you can try to check a melodic punk band named Just For Friends.

We’ve already touched on some things in previous questions and answers…but is there anything else you want to accomplish or look forward to in 2022?

Maybe it’s just our band’s personal desire, okay? We want our next song to reach the best quality. We want to make our video clip and to make our live music video.
Of course, we want to perform again and meet friends in other cities.

And coming to the end of this interview…any final message to the readers of Indokult?

For – keep on providing quality music info, good luck!
For the readers – I hope you are always healthy and enjoy quality articles from Indokult!



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