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Exhumation – Among the Dead

One might think the amount of extreme metal bands hailing from the mighty India is quite disproportionate considering the size of the country and its population, but I am happy to leave the statistics to other people. What matters to me is the fact there are so many great – and many yet undiscovered by the Western audience – bands in India.

Exhumation Among the Dead 2006 EP cover

Today we’re going back in time to 2006. I am not sure what kind of year it was – the years just fly by, to be honest – but it was exactly that year Indian death metallers Exhumation released their debut EP titled “Among the Dead”.

Heavily influenced by the USDM style, but with a nice touch with a infusion of a native melody (check, for example, the closing “Racial Slaughter”), the band has offered 6 nice pieces of the extreme metal, all under 3 minutes, and with this length for the songs the EP feels more like a demo. But what a promising demo!

From the standpoint of 2024 it might sound like your everyday generic death metal – and hell, it could be pretty generic even back in 2006 – but I’ve enjoyed every second of it. And that the only thing that should count for a listener, right?



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