Back again…and this time it’s serious (I hope).

Rudolf, Indokult.com editor-in-chief

So, after a little maintenance, Indokult.com is back. You don’t know how happy I feel right now.

Still, I have to admit the maintenance period has taken a bit longer than I would like, but some things are just like that – beyond one’s control. Anyway, the web is back online and I hope to add again a plethora of good music and movies for you to discover and to deepen your love for Asian artists.

Not much has changed, and what has, I hope it is for good. What has changed? Well, I’ve given up on the „News“ section – at least for now – as I couldn’t properly care of it (we all agree there’s a lot of happening in Asian music scene every single day), therefore, for not losing my mind and sanity completely, the best solution was to leave it out for time being. I hope, though, to have it back again once I am properly settled with everything.

I’ve also added a little section about food – not my doing, I am not that good at cooking, but there are some amazing cooks on Youtube I love to watch, and I’ve decided to give them a shout with their recipes. And who knows, maybe in time I’ll start cooking them… Anyway, this section will stay as long as people like it. Nothing is set in stone here and a constant evolution is necessary.

Watch out for some new material to appear here soon! Unfortunately, some interviews (although agreed on) seem not to materialize, but that’s the sad fact of life. Nevertheless, I still wish those artists the best and I hope those interviews will happen some time in the future.

That’s all from your friend and brother-in-culture, Rudolf. I wish you all only the best.

Rudolf Schütz

The creative mind behind the Indokult.com,a fervent connoisseur of cultural treasures, with an unwavering passion for Asian and Indonesian movies and music. He is a true aficionado, driven by a desire to unearth hidden gems and shed light on the often-overlooked. From the grand stages of mainstream performances to the gritty underground scenes, Rudolf is equally at home, recognizing that every note and frame tells a unique tale. As a cultural enthusiast, Rudolf is not just an observer but a storyteller in their own right. Through his insights, analyses, and reviews, he shares the captivating narratives that ripple through Asia's music and movie scenes. Whether it's a haunting melody that resonates from Indonesia's hidden corners or a cinematic masterpiece that transports you across time, Rudolf is your trusted guide to the captivating world of cultural expressions.

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