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Amis’ “Rezeki di Tangan Koneksi” as the first single for his debut album

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  • Hibs and Ross County fans on final
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Who can relate to the title of this song made by Amis? Of course, we all do. After organizing the Nongkrong di Surga showcase to celebrate the release of the EP Surga Ditelapak Kaki Bapa (2021) which contains 5 songs in it, now Amis releases new music to slap back listeners “Let’s go back to reality!”

Amis is a singer, songwriter, and also a father of two children who came from the Jakarta music scene as a guitarist for a Rock band that was declared disbanded in 2020. He became known as a soloist and songwriter from his debut single titled “What If Christians Go to Heaven?” which he created because of Indonesia’s often hot situation due to religious issues.


The single titled “Rezeki di Tangan Koneksi” will be the opening series of his upcoming album that will be released later in 2023. This single has its own story for Amis, because it is based on his personal experience. Where money is obtained from unexpected sources. Sung with acoustic guitar and Amis’s raw vocals as a trademark, this time there is also Fransisco Assisi Adiananta or familiarly called Dito who fills the electric guitar as a renewal of the music that Amis presents. And completed by Axel Naray who fills the backing vocals as well as arranger, making this single so beautiful to listen to.

Although a bit of a reality check, Amis wrote “Sustenance in the Hands of Connections” with a desire and will driven by Amis’ own unrest. He didn’t use a promotion plan at all, as he said “people are bored of seeing the same thing”. Now Amis doesn’t want to tell you about the release of his song. That means those of you who read this press release are the lucky ones!

Still with the odd and joking concept, the Artwork this time is different from her previous singles, “Rezeki di Tangan Koneksi” is designed in such a way but with the words “Lagi Males Bikin Artwork”.

Amis’ single, Rezeki di Tangan Koneksi can already be heard on all Digital Streaming Platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok Music, YouTube Music and so on.

Instagram : @aldyamis | TikTok : @babaamis | YouTube : Amis Official

Official video:

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