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Speedtrip – Trapped in a Maze

What do you need when you are exhausted, but there’s still so many things to do? I guess there will be a lot of answers to this question, but I think we can all agree on a good diet of metal. Because, if metal music won’t get your heart pumping…well, you’re probably dead.

Speedtrip album cover

And there’s nobody dead around me, and I am making sure of it by playing the debut album “Trapped in a Maze” from Indian heavy/thrash band SPEEDTRIP. Released in 2017, the album offers almost 35 minutes of good old school metal, the way we like it. And, boy, do I like it…

I’m not gonna lie, by the cover and the logo I’ve been guessing some psychedelic rock stuff (which I have nothing against, by the way), but nope, the moment the “Kiss of the Black Mamba” starts, the vibe of the familiarity has brought the content smile to my face.

First thing – the bass. It’s kinda prominent in the music, and although I can’t play it to save my life (haha), I am a true worshipper of the bass sound. It’s said that the bass guitar makes music heavier, and here’s the confirmation of it.

Second goodie – the vocals. Kaushik Baruah’s vocals remind me of Overkill crossbred with some screamo/hardcore/trashcore bands, and I am sure nobody can’t complain, this kind of vocals belong to the genre. But we also get an ocassional growl here and there, which is also welcome.

To be honest…it’s no secret I love thrash metal. Therefore, no matter what, if I got a thrash metal album to listen to and review, I am pretty sure I will like it. OK, maybe there is not much evolution in thrash metal, and I really don’t need any. Therefore, some riffs might seem to be familiar, some song structures and progressions also…but who cares?

Speedtrip band picture

The only – minor at that – complain here might be the lack of some strong, rememberable song to stand out from the rest, being evident from the very first play. Of course, repeated play might bring such a song about (and I think the already mentioned opener “Kiss of the Black Mamba” has the honour to be my fave so far)…but as a whole, “Traped in a Maze” is a strong debut from this Indian band and I am looking forward to listen to their 2023 album to see how those guys from Bangalore have progressed.

For more info about the band, check the links below:





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  1. Hey Rudolf, Speedtrip’s latest album Apocalyptic , is available on Spotify, Amazon Music , etc. Please do review that also.

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