3rd week of excellent discoveries: Rudolf’s Indonesian adventures (week 3)

indonesian adventures 3

Adventures never end…It’s not just the Indomusic I’m searching for on Youtube (or other platforms), so my last week was pretty much mixed up with – well, basically everything. But, same as with the week before, it was full of good music. Or, almost full.

I’d watch the video on finding the best instant noodles to foreigners trying Indonesian alcohol and all in-between, because, why not.

Monday adventures with the Indonesian Youtube

Lately, though, I’m very fond of the covers done by 3Pemuda Berbahaya in co-operation with Delisa Herlina (and she’s got a really sweet voice), so after watching their fantastic cover of Inka Christie’s “Teratai” and “Cinta Kita” (which is originally sung by Inka and Amy Search), I’ve opted for another cover:

Altruist is – unsuprisingly – another band from Indonesia which is new to me, these guys play metalcore and if you’re a fan of the genre, you might check the video for their song “Vice Versa”:

I have to say, these days I am choosing more laidback and calm songs (not that I don’t listen to metal anymore), that’s why I’ve found real delight in the accoustic performance of Suara Kampungan, let’s have a look:

Wow! If you remember The Melting Minds (I did the interview with the guys not so long ago) and you’ve liked their music, then you owe to yourselves to check The Old Pines! That’s another heavy/psychedelic rock group from Indonesia and their song “Investor Rakus” is simply amazing!

Do I need to stress the fact that I do really like to show support for those new and emerging artists? Don’t think so, therefore let’s just say, Indysellen with her single “Trap Me!” simply shocked me (in a good sense, of course)! Captivating voice, nice arrangements, this is the diamond in the dust of the mediocrity of mainstream music. Here, I’ve said it, and you can check for yourself:

The next interview in Indokult will probably be a little obscure band from Bekasi, Balakatara, and watching the video for the song “Derogatory” you can clearly see why they’ve caught my attention:

Haven’t I told you I was still listening to extreme music? It’s true, and as a proof, I’ve finished my Monday exploration in the depths of Indonesian music on Youtube with the deathcore horde called Carnage (OK, not the most original name, but whatever):

Tuesday adventures with Indonesian Youtube

Most of my free time is spent – I have to confess – watching how-to recipes for various drinks and similar stuff. Not gonna lie, I like those wonderful drinks people do! Of course, the life is better with music, so what did I watch? I’ve started with the aforementioned duet from Inka Christie and Amy Search:

Geisha and Enda Ungu have cooked a really nice single titled “Demi Waktu”, with a nice video to accompany it, and if you want to just lay down in a romantic mood and let the world just fly by, you’ll agree with me this one would make a perfect soundtrack to it:

Busy Tuesday didn’t allow for many songs, but it’s ended with a great tune to boot!!! Antibodi (helped by Copok The Bullhead) presented their official music video to the song “Mabuk Atribut”. Melodic pop-punk at its best!!!

Wednesday adventures with Indonesian Youtube

As I’ve been working on a review for Inka Christie’s debut album, “Gambaran Cinta”, believe it or not, I’ve spent the whole day listening to it, which resulted to a review…and you can enjoy the whole album too:

Thursday adventures with Indonesian Youtube

Not much to show, to be honest, as sometimes the life is just too demanding. The review of the EP “Berdaulat” from Township Rebellion, the Indonesian answer to Rage Against The Machine (or a tribute band, if you want) has brought me to the clip to their great song “Sejarah Merah”. Enjoy!


Not so adventurous Friday with Indonesian Youtube

Shocking! Unbelievable!…nothing. 🙂

Saturday with Indonesian Youtube

After having a great delight in listening to spacetechdeath/aliencore band Neptunus and their EP “Alien Conspiracy:

…I’ve decided to trace the origins of the modern Indonesian music, so my Saturday was dedicated to reading about dangdut music. And, as you might have expected, listening to the great classics! I’ve started with Muhammad Mashabi:

…continued with Husein Bawafie:

…and finished my Saturday with (in)famous dangdut video by Inul Daratista:

Bad deja vu Sunday and no adventures

Nothing. Together with my other half we’ve received our second vaccine shots. And although I was not ill (unlike after the first one, which was a nightmare from hell), somewhat I was just not in a mood to even to turn anything on. So…nothing. 🙂

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